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Tallgrass Prairie Inspiration

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I have wanted to go to the Tallgrass Prairies for many years.

Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, Oklahoma with  Rudbeckia hirta and Wild Rye.

My very first successes as a nature photographer were documenting serpentine grasses in the Ring Mountain Nature Conservancy preserve in California. I have done two garden books featuring grasses, one on ornamental Grasses with Nancy Ondra who started Gardening Gone Wild with Fran so many years ago, and also the American Meadow Garden with John Greenlee. [click to continue…]

Garden Earth

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The facts are pretty clear: the planet Earth is heating up, we are facing extinctions not seen in Epochs, and human population continues to explode, consuming resources beyond Nature’s capacity to replenish. What are you going to do about it?

Our future seems grim and it’s tempting to ignore the facts and hope it will all go away.  Maybe science has a solution, or maybe there are some alternative facts.  Maybe there is some sort of parallel universe and we can jump ship into a utopian dream where we all just get along – all humans, all species, all creatures great and small, microbes and man working for the common good. [click to continue…]

Gardens of Alcatraz – Update

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Virginia Beach umbrella with chairs

No, this is not the view from Alcatraz, The Rock, the old prison in San Francisco Bay.  I am on vacation, relaxing on a family reunion at the beach..

So I have pulled a post from July 2009 with an update on the Gardens of Alcatraz.

The rock - Alcatraz island

I was recently invited by The Garden Conservancy to tour the Alcatraz garden project.  The Conservancy, in partnership with The Golden Gate National Park Conservancy, has spent the past 5 years restoring and replanting the barren and windswept old prison in the middle of San Francisco Bay. [click to continue…]

California Coastal Bluff at The Sea Ranch

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The Sea Ranch Lodge from Black Point coastal bluff

The Sea Ranch Lodge and historic buildings from the Black Point

In the early 1960’s, ten miles of California’s Sonoma Coast was designated for development, in an era before there was any regulatory agency overseeing coastal development. The Sea Ranch became legendary in the annals of California Coastal development, and as a result, the California Coastal Commission has clamped down on every permit.

Yet, despite the hundreds of homes built and thousands of lots, The Sea Ranch has preserved the natural integrity of the land and the spectacular views of the ocean.

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Wild in the Eastern Deciduous Forest

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The Eastern United States is an entirely different native ecosystem from California.  Duh.

Liriodendron tulipifera -, Tulip poplar, Budding with spring leaves emerging

Liriodendron tulipifera, Tulip poplar, budding with spring leaves emerging in deciduous woodland.

The Central Prairies are different too.  Oh yeah.  And how about the Everglades ?  The desert Southwest ?

We live in a vast country with vastly different native plants, yet sometimes when we hear about the importance of gardening with native plants, we somehow think any “native plant” we see in a catalog or book is going to work in the native plant garden we want for ourselves. [click to continue…]