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September Favorites

vernonia spp

Text and photos © Catherine Renzi

Many September gardens are waning, preparing for dormancy after festive summer partying with exciting colors and fragrances. But, September is also a time of new beginnings; Autumn begins in September, and a new academic year begins for students of all ages. For me, each year begins anew with my September birthday. Continue Reading →

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Picture This Photo Contest for May 2009

photo-2-steve-silk-containerFor this month’s Picture This Photo Contest,  the subject is containers. And Steve Silk, the master of creating magnificent containers, is our judge.

These are Steve’s comments on how he’ll be judging photos:

“I’ll be looking for a picture that is well-composed and well-lit with a clean background, of course, but also one that has many of the same features you’d find in a good container planting.” Continue Reading →

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