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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Water-Wise Gardening


When the concept of xeriscaping first entered my consciousness back in the late ’80s, it didn’t appear to have much to do with my own garden. I live in southeastern Pennsylvania, after all, where we get about 40 inches of rainfall a year. Sure, we have dry spells, and even longer rainless periods that can qualify as drought, but for the most part, we’re pretty lucky. I figured that gravel and cacti were okay for folks out west but hardly appropriate for our greener mid-Atlantic landscapes. Gradually, though, I began to realize that the principles behind that seemingly irrelevant concept really were applicable even here. Continue Reading →

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How My Thoughts On Gardening Have Changed

When I started my garden on a bare piece of ground twenty plus years ago, I never could have imagined that it would develop into what it is now: intensely planted multi-tiered layers of garden rooms housed on a steeply sloping one half acre property.


This garden of mine has gone through several transformations, as have I as a gardener and as an individual. It reflects where I am in my life. Now I am the steward of a very mature garden, a property where I must renovate in order to feel infused with the exhilaration of observing plantings develop from their infancy onwards within the context of a new design. Continue Reading →

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