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December Calendar Photos

Poinsettia nursery

Poinsettia - Euphorbia pulcherrima in commercial greenhouse,

December is now the most commonly requested calendar photo by my various publishers.  This is because many calendars now include 13 months, adding December of the year it is sold to the 12 months of the upcoming year.

So, for my posting here, I thought it might be fun to show the variety of photos I have used to illustrate December.   There are some obvious choices such as Poinsettia but for a gardener’s calendar I want to go beyond the obvious, so I try to include images with some subtleties that might appeal to a discriminating gardener. Continue Reading →

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Bare Trees

Winter’s stark beauty.  Color vanishes from the landscape.  Bare trees dominate the garden.


Valley Oak tree bare branches

Valley Oak - Quercus lobata

On cloudy overcast days, the somber gray sky can become a clean white background, perfect for silhouettes with just a little bit of camera manipulation.  You can override your camera meter’s calibration which is designed to read each scene as a neutral gray. Continue Reading →

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Frost in the Garden

For those of you in real winter climates, please humor this Californian who went photo crazy in the garden the other morning when it got all the way down to 24.  Some of you only wish it might get up to 24.  If crunching across the frozen grass is no rare sensory treat that gets the creative juices flowing for you, then simply enjoy some frosty photos.

crunchy frozen grasss

crunchy frozen grasss

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