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Wildflower Time In Israel

Gardening in Israel: By the time June comes along, you might as well call it a wrap….except for the once in a while deadheading, pruning (which I’m always a bit shocked at how vigorously it’s done throughout the summer here) and making sure that watering systems are intact.

From mid-winter until mid-spring, the blooms are lush, the grass is green and the rains are ‘gifts from the Gods’. Cities and suburbs are flush with flowers while the wildflowers sweep the landscape with utter simplicity and magnificence.

Because of Israel’s geographical location at the junction of three continents, it has a wide diversity of plants; 2600 plus types and over 135 varieties of butterflies. Alpine species sweep the northern mountain slopes while Saharan species thrive in the south. Some common winter/spring wildflowers are cyclamens, anemones, blue lupines, yellow corn marigolds, poppies, and echinops.

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Wildflowers and Sculptures In Bloom


I became aware of the allure of wildflowers several years ago when driving at 65 m.p.h. on the expressway in Philadelphia and suddenly seeing a grove of red poppies in the median strips. I quickly pulled the car over to the side of the road where I gazed at them in disbelief, longing to bring some of them home with me. In that instant, I became an ardent lover of wildflowers and to this day dream of nothing more wonderful than living on a huge piece of land and looking out onto an expansive wildflower meadow.
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