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Celebrating Seasonal Rituals In The Garden

 On this first full day of autumn, with the changing of the seasons, I think alot of us gardeners are shifting our thoughts to what needs to be done in the garden, as well as taking some extra moments to pause and gaze at all of the blazing glory this season brings: leaves transforming themselves into majestic colors,  sunflower heads turning limp and their seeds ready for plucking,  juicy tomatoes dripping from vines in vibrant colors and pumpkins ripening themselves in preparation for Halloween, pumpkin muffins and pie. It is a season of harvest, nostalgia and of giving thanks.

In speaking with my father this past Saturday morning, he reminded me that Sukkot, a Jewish holiday, begins in a few weeks.  And I am quite sure that it was by no accident that on that same day, the first day of class of my 2nd year of studying at the seminary that I attend in New York, www.onespiritinterfaith.org, (which is a phenomenal seminary for all who are spiritually inclined) that the focus was on the importance of ritual in giving meaning and sustenance to our lives.


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