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Sunset Edible Garden Cookbook Giveaway

CONGRATULATIONS TO WINNERS Dawn Standke, Lori Key, Robert Bornstein, Holly Chaille, Debby West, Donna Walter, Jennifer Lachman and Amy Castillo. That’s right, EIGHT of you. A tie of sorts. Each time I read the comments, I kept adding someone to the winners’ list. I figured, Sunset is being very generous, so what’s three more books? And if need be, I’ll pick up the tab. Your community gardens and the people you feed from your garden…well, I wish you ALL could have won.  As a consolation, I’ll post Sunset’s Chocolate Zucchini Rum Cake Recipe here in time for zucchini season. Some of you offered to send me your extra zucchinis, ha. (You were kidding, right?) Many thanks for visiting GGW. Come back and see us. You won’t want to miss my next post, on bizarre cactus. Love you guys!– Debra

Sunset asked if I’d like five copies of their new Edible Garden Cookbook: Fresh, healthy cooking from the garden to give to GGW’s readers. I responded, “Are you KIDDING??”

It’s a very cool book. I sampled some of the recipes at the Sunset test kitchen recently. You know how having too much zucchini is a joke among gardeners? Well, wait ’til you taste Sunset’s Chocolate Zucchini Rum Cake. “It’s a fine use of zucchini that has perhaps grown a little too big,” the book says. I’m in danger of growing a little too big, too, now that I have the recipe in my hot little hands. Eating the rich, moist, chewy, chocolaty cake was an OMG moment. Trust me, there’s no hint that it’s healthy. Continue Reading →

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Recession Gardens

foundation-border-with-veggies-june-25-07Victory gardens are so last century. Now, according to CNN, at least, the time has come for “recession gardens.” CNN.com picked up a story for their web site from user-generated ireport.com on ‘Recession gardens’ trim grocery bills, teach lessons. I doubt that the stats on the increased interest in gardening will be a surprise to any of us. But the article does raise a good point, about where the people who are gardening for the first time are getting their information. Continue Reading →

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