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Amsterdam Flower Market

Anyone who has ever been lucky enough to visit Amsterdam can attest to its beauty. The purpose of my recent visit, under the auspices of the International Bulb Centre, was to visit gardens throughout Holland filled with spring blooming bulbs.

On my last afternoon before leaving, I finally had some time to myself and quickly caught a train to Amsterdam. Once I stumbled into the flower market area, what can I say except that I was ‘hooked’? The first stall that hit me in the face was filled with flowers, dozens and dozens of ready to burst open tulips. The cost? 5 dozen for 12.50 Euro…about $17.

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Point of View Photographs

Tulipa saxatilis my garden 2.21.09

Tulipa saxatilis or Crocus 'Tricolor' ? (see comments) 2.21.09

What is the point of a photograph ? I ask this question every time I click the shutter. Why am I taking this picture and what am I trying to say ? This is one of the fundamental keys to taking a good garden photograph. The reason to take the picture may be a simple documentation of what the garden looks like on any given day, but more often for me, as a professional garden photographer, I need to have a point of view. I want to communicate an idea, a feeling, or an impression. Continue Reading →

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