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Down To Earth With A Rolling Stone

With Earth Day quickly approaching, Chuck Leavell, the long time keyboardist for The Rolling Stones and ardent environmentalist, has a lot to be singing about. Mother Nature Network, an environmental site that he co-founded 15 months ago, has become wildly successful, more than anyone could have ever imagined.

How did Chuck’s latest endeavor become a #1 hit? As he tells it, a friend of his, Joel Babbit, a public relations and advertising whiz with a long string of successes, contacted him about a business idea that he thought was waiting to be discovered. One of Joel’s clients had started spending big bucks in order to make the public aware of their environmental responsibility programs. Once Joel got wind of this, he went on the internet, did some research, and saw that there was no one site that covered the gamut of environmental issues. He envisioned a site that would be a ‘one stop shopping’ source for consumers; the goal was to make it both engaging and user friendly. Joel told Chuck that he would resign his job immediately if Chuck came ‘on board’ with him; Chuck responded with a resounding ‘yes’.

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