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August 2009 Happenings and Tidbits

echinacea and grasses-resized

It has been one funky summer weatherwise. The East coast appears to be having one of the  wettest and coolest summers on record. In speaking with some colleagues in England, they’ve  had non-stop rain for the past 30 days with absolutely little to no sun.

Mediterranean countries are experiencing hot and dry summers. Even in Israel,  it is considered to be excessively hot and, as usual, with no rain in sight until late fall. What has made the situation more dire than ever here this summer is the below level rain that Israel had this past winter into spring. Up until this year, there had been non-enforced water restrictions (similar to what we had on the East coast during drought-ridden summers). But this is the first summer where the government is taxing every family for water use. Sound extreme? Or is this just a necessary/desperate attempt to try to mitigate the extreme lack of water in this tiny country?

So, when some of my fellow GGWers complained to me about the weather and the surplus of weeds, I told them  that I’d love to come work in their gardens and weed my heart out! I would give anything to be in a climate with non-stop rain for a week. The grass here is brown, flowers are wilting, foliage is parched: so different from the winter/early spring flora back East. And yet, there is beauty to be found: even in this scorching, arid climate.

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