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Reminder For June’s Picture This Contest

A reminder to get your entries in for June’s Picture This Contest.  Our judge is Josh McCullough of Phyto Photo. The theme for this month is The Best Frame You Have Ever Created.

This is how Josh described what he is looking for in the winning entry:

“We are all learning and growing and marking our progress each day, each moment, with the aspiration to be more aware, more knowledgeable, more fulfilled. And there is no way to still that understanding to one moment in time, one frame. The way we see that frame changes as our perspective does. And what a great thing to be able to look back on that past frame, or out into the world as our current perspective leads us and judge that for what it is now to us at this moment. And that is what I ask of you for this months contest, to give me your best ever. That’s right, the BEST FRAME YOU HAVE EVER CREATED. Your favorite. The one that means the most to you, that conveys what skill you had to bring to bear at its creation and now as you ascertain what it expresses. Your BEST EVER!”

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