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September Happenings and Tidbits

Solidago Patrinia and Vernonia Aug 29 09 njo

This summer’s weather has had everyone scurrying all over the place. For those of you on the East coast, who would have ever thought that you would end up with such torrential rains and a cool summer? And for all of us who are living in drought riddern territories, we yearn for even a light, misty rain to remind us that moisture still exists. Needless to say, our thoughts are with everyone whose lives are being totally uprooted by the fires in California, as well as the 85,000 plus acres that have been destroyed.

On a lighter note, what is our wild and romping group of contributors up to these days? Continue Reading →

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Container Clusters

07 9.19 028

06 9.19 054As a dedicated container gardener, my approach to gardening in pots is always evolving.  I wrote about my thriller, filler and spiller recipe last season, and while I’m sticking with that basic approach, I find myself more inclined to create those kinds of combinations by using a grouping comprised of individual plants in their own pots. Groupings provide a lot of flexibility in design, plenty of eye candy, and a richly rewarding splash of structure in the garden. Continue Reading →

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Rhymes With Orange

Orange leaves 050-1

Mid July 09 140Last month I started my seasonal orange bender. It being the color of all kinds of wonderful things, from mangoes to sunsets to campfire embers. I can’t get enough of it–in the garden or elsewhere.  So I shared some of my favorite flowers and promised a return to the topic with a post on good leaves for orange themes. Here goes: Continue Reading →

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Addendum to ‘Deeper Into Orange’

lantana-multi-colored with leaves-resizedSteve’s recent post, Deeper Into Orange, did a magnificent job of showing how to use the color orange in the garden to create certain moods and bring some punch and ‘exoticism’ to a planting scheme, especially in the summer months. His article motivated me to browse through some of my photos to see where orange had been used to create an exuberant feast for the eyes. Continue Reading →

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Picture This Photo Contest: A Reminder and Deadline


As several of you already know, May’s Picture This Photo Contest is Containers. Our May judge and Regular Contributor for GGW, Steve Silk, has told you what he’s going to be looking for in a winning photograph. The contest ends at 12 midnight on Friday, May 22nd. So, for those of you who haven’t gotten your photo in yet, get a move on. Feel free to submit a photograph taken from past seasons. I know for several of you throughout the country (and world) that you’re just beginning to plant your containers. Don’t hedge on whether or not to participate. You never know if you’ll win unless you try! And even if you don’t win, your photo will be viewed ( and appreciated) by your peers in Steve’s  ’round up’  post announcing the winner on May 27th. Continue Reading →

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