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It Rained !

Raindrops and bubbles in street puddle

Raindrops and bubbles in street puddle

While most of the country has been suffering under a brutally cold winter, we in California have been waiting for winter rains.  It has been brutally dry.  We have not had a soaking rain for 13 months.

So you gardeners can imagine the joy  of our recent rains.  I spent each day this past weekend working in the garden, in the rain, in rapture.   The earth is breathing, sighing, releasing its bonds.  Immediately everything in my garden perked up. Continue Reading →

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Photos in the Garden


Wisteria on my entry gate April 2, 2013

Want a tip on how to take good garden pictures ?  Pick up your camera and go out into a garden.  You can’t get good pictures if you don’t take any pictures.  Put yourself in a position to make something happen.

April 2 was a day to take photos in my own garden.  It was overcast and still – a gift for a garden photographer.  A day to ignore computer deadlines and take pictures.  There have been too many times I regretted missing this sort of opportunity, and spring was calling. Continue Reading →

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How To Have Faith That Spring’s Coming While Trudging In A Foot Of Snow: 7 Tips

I feel like I’ve been living on Noah’s Ark for the past few weeks. Non stop thrashing pellets of rain. And sand storms.


This has been one of the rainiest records on history for Israel. For a country that gets only 8” of rain a year, this is good news. Up to a certain point.

Because last year was so warm, I decided to get some sunflower and amaranth seeds sown early. A few dozen amaranths bloomed until a cold snap hit. The sunflowers germinated and in spite of the weather continued to add some girth and height.

I felt like I was seeing a sunflower for the first time when one bloomed. A glorious work of art that would make Michelangelo proud.  Bold, welcoming, and optimistic.


For a few days it got a lot of attention. From the birds, visitors, and me. I hovered over it like a mother cub protecting her newborn.

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Capturing Spring

Is it possible for a gardener not to be thrilled to the bone with spring?   It is in the DNA of our marrow to be renewed and hopeful for our Earth when spring rolls around.  The feeling is in our hearts but we know it with all our senses.  How do we see it and how can we photograph it ?

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Point of View Photographs

Tulipa saxatilis my garden 2.21.09

Tulipa saxatilis or Crocus 'Tricolor' ? (see comments) 2.21.09

What is the point of a photograph ? I ask this question every time I click the shutter. Why am I taking this picture and what am I trying to say ? This is one of the fundamental keys to taking a good garden photograph. The reason to take the picture may be a simple documentation of what the garden looks like on any given day, but more often for me, as a professional garden photographer, I need to have a point of view. I want to communicate an idea, a feeling, or an impression. Continue Reading →

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