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It Rained !

Raindrops and bubbles in street puddle

Raindrops and bubbles in street puddle

While most of the country has been suffering under a brutally cold winter, we in California have been waiting for winter rains.  It has been brutally dry.  We have not had a soaking rain for 13 months.

So you gardeners can imagine the joy  of our recent rains.  I spent each day this past weekend working in the garden, in the rain, in rapture.   The earth is breathing, sighing, releasing its bonds.  Immediately everything in my garden perked up. Continue Reading →

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From the shrubbery


Edgeworthia chrysantha - a spectacular late winter flowering shrub, at RHS Garden Wisley.

Do I sense a feeling that shrubs are coming back into fashion? Or at least that perhaps the New Perennial revolution has just gone a little too far? Over the last few years I have seen the odd article, one by Roy Lancaster and one by Dan Pearson on the basic theme of ‘let’s not forget shrubs’ and Gardens Illustrated have even commissioned Dan to write a series about them.
Back in the day, well, let’s say the late 1980s, shrubs dominated garden centres and nurseries, with perennials relegated to horrid little plastic bags in cardboard boxes for a few spring months. We had to fight to get perennials their place in the sun of the sales area. Now it is the other way round. Most GCs and nurseries carry only the most basic range of rather predictable shrubs clearly designed to appeal to bored suburban gardeners: bright flowers, variegation and compact habit compulsory. The number of specialist nurseries doing a decent range has greatly diminished and there has been a massive cull of woody plants from The Plant Finder. Continue Reading →

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