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GBDW – Made for the Shade Wrap-Up


So, who’s complaining about shade, anyway? Certainly not this month’s GBDW contributors! Check out their postings on favorite plants, combination ideas, and design pointers, and you just might find yourself wishing for more shade in your own garden. Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Made for the Shade


For gardeners, shade is kind of like rain: if we don’t have it, we wish for it; if we do have it, we often long for less. And with both, there are no simple solutions. In my own garden, set in a wide-open, sun-baked field, shade is scarce, and it’ll be many years yet before any of my tiny trees will be big enough to create any. What passes for my shade border is on the northeast side of the house, but it still gets sun from dawn until 1:00 or so, which is way more sun than even the sunniest spot in my last garden. Still, it’s been interesting to experiment with traditonal shade-lovers and find out how much sun they tolerate without extra watering.

What about the rest of you? Want to share your strategies for dealing with too much or too little shade? Continue Reading →

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