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Dogs and Gardens …… And Mental Health

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A few weeks ago, Dogs Provide Owners Greater Mental Well-Being, an article in the Living Section of The Wall Street Journal, caught my attention.

Although the majority of dog owners would agree that they love their dog without a blink of the eye, I’ve heard non-believers say everything from ‘Why would you want a dog….they’re such a responsibility and make a mess’ to ‘Well, I guess they’re’ worth it if you have kids.’

vertical pictures of dogs

A new study has come to the conclusion that dogs do have a positive impact on  their owners.

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My Garden’s a Mess

Where do I start ?

My garden's a mess

My garden's a mess

“My garden is a mess.”  I hear this quite often when I am asked to photograph a garden.  “I don’t mind, my garden’s a mess too”, I usually reply, trying to put the gardener at ease.  But to be honest,  if the gardener is a serious one I find I often really like a mess of plants.  I like them personally because I just love plant textures and unexpected combinations.  They feel good.  The plants are just plain happy.  Looking good is an aesthetic that garden publishers often don’t understand. Don’t we all love our happy messes? Continue Reading →

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GGW Plant Pick of The Month Round Up for Nov: Roses

We received a fair amount of traffic for the GGW Plant Pick of The Month for November. I was pleasantly surprised that there are alot of you who are still big fans of old fashioned roses and wouldn’t think of not having them in your garden. Plus, several of you also said that, contrary to popular opinion, these roses are actually easy to grow. Some of you gave a big ‘YES’ to  Knockout Roses, considered to be one of the easiest and longest blooming of all roses. What all of us agreed on is that the variety of roses in the marketplace continues to expand exponentially each year, making our jobs as gardeners more exciting and yet more challenging (because there are so many from which to choose)!

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Coming Up with Roses


A bouquet of buds and blooms to Fran for selecting roses as the GGW Plant Pick of the Month for November! After days of snow showers, chilly winds, and temperatures barely above freezing, I’m so grateful for a reason to sort through my archives for pretty rose pictures. Continue Reading →

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