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My Matilijas

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Long before I had my own garden, I was in love with matilija (mah-TIL-eh-ha) poppies. A shrub of what I then called “fried egg flowers” grew near my apartment. It was one of those plants I had to have somehow, someday. And now I do, but like most things this side of Eden, Romneya coulteri is not perfect. Even so, I exult when I see my matilijas in full, glorious bloom every summer. Continue Reading →

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Take Ten: Q and A with Ron Vanderhoff

RonVanderhoff3[1].jpg-resizedWe’re delighted that Ron Vanderhoff is our Take Ten: Q and A personality this month. Ron is a lifelong Southern California gardener and professional horticulturist. For thirty years, he has been a leader in the local gardening community, as an educator, writer, lecturer, innovator and business leader; and for the past ten years as the nursery manager at Roger’s Gardens. His personal interests include climate-appropriate gardens, gardening education and environmental stewardship. He is an expert plantsman and an avid plant collector.

1. What’s your favorite place for finding inspiration in the world? Continue Reading →

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