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Lani’s Garden


I hadn’t been to Lani Freymiller’s garden for nearly a decade—not since I covered homes, gardens, architecture and interior design for the San Diego Union-Tribune. Would it be as incredible as I remembered? So few gardens stand the test of time. The occasion was a visit from Bay Area designer Rebecca Sweet, and we weren’t disappointed. If anything, Lani’s garden was better than ever.

Like all great gardens, Lani’s has a distinctive style—a rustic simplicity reminiscent of Provence. We visited in late autumn, and to compensate for a lack of floral color in the garden, Lani—an artist—emphasized the garden’s brilliant chartreuse foliage, and contrasted it with purple asters and yellow sunflowers. Continue Reading →

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Great Garden Gates

Scottie gate resized

The door has swung open on a new decade, so I’ve decided to swing open some garden gates. See if you don’t agree that each gate hints at the garden beyond and the owner’s personality and style. Continue Reading →

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