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Garden Photo Point of View

Want to take better garden photos ?  Before you snap the shutter, think of your point of view.

Meadow garden as seen from behind two trees – a point of view well composed between two trees that evokes a natural meadow as a clearing in a forest.

We are now deep into the PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops, lesson 2.4 where I reveal the secret to good garden photography – think of your point of view.  This concept perfectly transcends the first 3 chapters, as we move from Good Garden Photography – to Seeing the Garden – to Thinking Like a Gardener.  You should be realizing every photo needs to tell a story – and have a point of view. Continue Reading →

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GBDW – Water in the Garden Wrap-Up

Our Design Workshop contributors have certainly come through for us this month, sharing an abundance of inspiring design ideas and a wealth of solid how-to information as well. We have posts on natural and lined ponds, waterfalls, container water features, bog gardens, and rain gardens too.

It’s obvious that water features can be quite addictive, based on the number of you who have more than one feature, and on the passion you have for maintaining them properly despite some daunting challenges. You’ve certainly convinced me that having a water feature adds an extra dimension of joy and beauty to the garden, and that it’s worth trying even a tiny container with a few water plants as a starting point. I confess, though, that the features that really speak to me are the larger in-ground ponds that some of you have created, and I’m not yet convinced that I have the resources or dedication to develop one of my own quite yet. Still, with all of these great ideas to think about, I may just (dare I say it?) take the plunge and start digging one of these days!

Before I get carried away with water-related puns, I’l present the list of the water-related posts I know about, in no particular order. If I missed your existing post, or if you decide to do one later, please leave a link below. Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Water in the Garden


Sure, I’m a fan of water in the garden. Right now, after five weeks of essentially no rain, I’m a really BIG fan of water in the garden. Especially if it would come in the form of a gentle, soaking rain. Maybe 2 or 3 inches, over the course of two or three days. Is that too much to ask? Apparently, it is. And I don’t want to wish too hard and have those of us in Pennsylvania get inundated like those of you in some areas of the Midwest, Southeast, and New England states have been. Still, it’s hard not to get a little cranky about the latest forecast for another week of “beautiful” weather.

But I digress. The point of this month’s Design Workshop is water as a design feature, not a necessity for plant survival. On this use of water, I have little to contribute, because I’ve never really had a water feature in my garden. I enjoy seeing water very much in other people’s gardens, though, whether it’s in the form of an intricately planted water garden… Continue Reading →

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