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Why Cultivating Patience In The Garden Is Transformative

Cultivating patience in the garden is the ultimate lesson.

We learn that we have no choice but to wait for plants to grow in their own sweet time – no matter what we do.

Patience In The Garden Isn’t Easy

In today’s world, it’s not easy to be patient. We don’t like to wait.

We’ve created a world of quick mastery in which we can learn languages in a few days and grasp intricate practices like hypnosis  in a weekend workshop.

The internet has fed into the belief that we can become experts in a chosen field overnight.

cultivating patience in garden

Tropical Bird in Ecuador’s Rainforest

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Top 13 Perennials For 2013

I’ve experimented with several dozen perennials over the years. But there are certain ones that I return to ~ time and again. They are star performers, easy to grow, hardy, can handle a wide range of soils, and moisture. Each of them adds a unique element to any garden. They are classics.

The genii listed below have other species, varieties, and cultivars that are just as outstanding as these ~ several of which I’ve used in gardens (panicum has about 450 species).

Here are my Top 13 Perennials for 2013.

Achillea millefolium


Amsonia hubrichtii

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GGW Plant Pick of the Month Round Up: Plume Poppy


Surprise, surprise, surprise. That sort of sums up my response to the feedback on my January Plant Pick of the Month, plume poppy (Macleaya cordata).  I fully expected my praise for the plumed wonder would generate at least a few screams of horror and shouts of alarm. While I can’t call it invasive, I feared others might. As it turned out, most of those who weighed in on the topic either already knew and loved this awesomely architectural but boistrous specimen or wanted to make its acquaintance. Continue Reading →

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