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GBDW – Labeling and Record-Keeping Wrap-Up


Clearly, many of us put a good bit of thought and time into keeping track of our plants. Some use various kinds of labels in the garden; others prefer to keep their planting records on paper. Still others use a combination of these options, or have come up with something totally different. We’ve gotten an exciting variety of ideas for garden labeling and record-keeping this month, so let’s get right to the posts.

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Addendum to GGW Design Workshop on Labeling And Record Keeping

braille-plant-sign-at-ta-university-botanical-garden-resizedAn addendum to Nan’s informative post for January’s GGW Design Workshop on Labeling and Record Keeping. When I was at the Tel Aviv University Botanical Gardens earlier this week, I noticed a few ways of labeling plants that I had never seen before.

The first one, in the herb garden, was braille plant labels. I had heard about them in my readings over the years but had never seen one. I was grabbed by their beauty and  thought that they added a certain emotional and esthetic quality to the garden.

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Labeling and Record-Keeping

Figuring out how to handle labeling is one of those ever-puzzling aspects of gardening. Do you keep the tags your plants come with, filling your garden with dozens or hundreds of bits of plastic? Do you replace them with something prettier or more creative? Do you tape them into a special garden notebook, so you can keep track of where all of your plants came from, how they perform, and how you take care of them? Or do you simply toss the labels in the trash as soon as you get the plants in the ground? Continue Reading →

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