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Picture This – Winter Trees

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Our loyal readers know “Picture This” has been a popular Gardening Gone Wild photo contest over the years, where we invite professional garden photographers to pick a theme and hand out awards.  It has been a great way for readers to learn together and link their contest photo in their own blogs to the GGW community of garden photographers.

Well, the contest is a lot of work for us and our our guest photographers, so it needs to evolve.  Rather than simply discontinue the fun, it will run occasionally with our in-house professional garden photographer – me.  As I develop my e-book on garden photography I will post how-to lessons under the Picture This category, and invite anyone to post their own interpretation of the lesson on their own blog and link it to GGW, where I would urge each contestant to go and comment.

As a group each of the students will be able to learn from the collective critique and I will do my best to offer follow-up critique myself as time allows.  This is a bit of an experiment as I decide what works and how students learn. Continue Reading →

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Picture This Survey Summary

The Picture This Photo Contest is one of our most popular features here at Gardening Gone Wild, and we couldn’t be happier. It has met – indeed, exceeded – all of our original goals for it, and we look forward to keeping the experience exciting, challenging, and fun for everyone. To that end, we recently ran a survey to get information about how and why you participate in Picture This (or why you don’t), as well as suggestions for things we can improve on. Let’s take a look at the results.

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GGW Picture This Photo Contest Winner for September

I didn’t go into this contest expecting my job to be easy. But when I’m sorting through quantities of photos, focused on choosing the perfect shot to complement accompanying text or to illustrate a certain design point, I’m used to having just one image jump out at me as the perfect choice. So then it would just be a matter of choosing a runner-up or two, right?

Well, as soon as I started reviewing this month’s entries, I knew I was in trouble. How could just one photo illustrate all of the features that make ornamental grasses such special plants to me? Fortunately, Fran and I had decided earlier that I could award multiple gold and silver medals this month, so I decided to separate the entries into several categories for separate judging – grasses in gardens and landscapes, lighting, closeups, and “artistic” — with a gold and silver winner for each. So, here we go: Continue Reading →

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