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Reminder For June’s Picture This Deadline

A reminder to get your entries in for this month’s Picture This Photo Contest.

The subject for this month: SHOW THE MOTION

Josh McCullough has offered a challenging and exciting topic. Get out those cameras, experiment, and make sure that your entries are in before the deadline, this Friday, June 25th at 11:59pm.

Oakwood Gardens_0610-Photo #3


1. You must have an active blog in order to participate.

To be eligible for judging, you need to leave us TWO LINKS – a direct link to the image, and a link to your blog post that includes the image (and that says you are entering the Gardening Gone Wild Picture This Photo Contest )– in a comment on this post. Your links need to be correct in order for your photo to be entered into the contest. If need be, check out previous Picture This contests to see how others have done it.

2. You are allowed one entry per contest; your photo must be able to be copied from your site. That makes it possible for us to collect all the entries in one place for easier judging.

3. The long side of the image needs to minimally be 800 pixels.

4. Because of the enormous amount of responses we receive, you can’t change your mind once you enter a photo into the contest.

5. The deadline for entries is 11:59 PM Eastern time on Friday, June 25, 2011. Entries that meet the above rules will be added to a separate gallery page. If you enter but your photo does not appear in the gallery within 72 hours, please review your entry to make sure you followed the rules.

 To read the original post, click here.

To check out this month’s gallery, click here.

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Picture This Contest for May 2011

I’m thrilled that Alan Detrick has returned as our judge for this month’s Picture This. Alan is a well known garden, nature and landscape photographer. He is the author and photographer of Macro Photography for Gardeners and Nature Lovers and is the sole photographer for 50 Beautiful Deer Resistant Plants, soon to be released and written by Ruth Rogers Clausen. Alan has lectured and led photography workshops for professional organizations and public gardens. In addition to owning a stock photography agency, he and his wife Linda provide photographic services for landscape architects and garden designers. You can see more of Alan’s outstanding work on his website.

Besides his outstanding credentials, Alan is also a gentleman. He has been extraordinarily generous and flexible in working with some scheduling and subject conflicts we’ve had these past few months at Picture This. The subject he has chosen this month is sure to challenge and excite you!  Fran Sorin

“Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth and you will know the key to photography.” George Eastman

Magnolia sprengeri Sprenger's Magnolia NJ Champion tree

Hopefully, April’s challenge made you aware of the importance of seeing and understanding light in your photography. This month we are going to take it a step further and challenge you to look at light in the macro or close-up world. Many of the concepts are the same but there are important differences.

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Picture This Contest – April 2011

 Rob Cardillo is returning for another round of judging for this month’s Picture This Photo Contest. It goes without saying that we love having him!

Rob’s latest book in collaboration with Adrian Higgins, Chanticleer: A Pleasure Garden, should be released any day now; it can be pre-ordered. It is a rich chronicle over 2 seasons of one of America’s most loved gardens. It is filled with Rob’s sensual, inspiring photos and Adrian’s thoughtful and descriptive words.

And some good news for all of you folks from the Delaware Valley….. Rob’s outstanding exhibition of 40 of his Chanticleer photos at The Wayne Art Center has been extended until April 24th.

You can learn more about Rob and his work on his website and blog….Fran Sorin



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Picture This Winners – February 2011

A big thank you goes to our first time judge from England , Andrea Jones, who pushed the limits by offering ‘Genius Loci’ as the topic for February. She did a fantastic job facilitating our entrants to shoot dazzling, insightful and compelling photos.  To order Andrea’s books or any of her several magnificent prints,  click here……Fran Sorin

 Here’s what Andrea wrote:

“I am thrilled that so many of you have taken on my challenge of ‘Genius loci’ – especially at such a bleak time of year for most of us!

Even more delighted that you ‘got it ‘! I was concerned that the task I set in winter, of all time, was really too tough and that you might pass it over – stay indoors and wait for the next one! I’m sure it was tempting; but the results are better than I could have dreamt! Congratulations to all who took part.

Since setting the task, I have given a lot of thought myself as to what makes a good photograph – what gives a photograph the ‘wow’ factor. Sure, there’s an element of luck. The light comes right at just the perfect moment – or the mist rolls in. But in this particular task, what I was really asking for was thought. Think before you shoot. In this age of digital technology it is so easy to just ‘snap’.

Book Photographer of the Year. Andrea Jones. 5 of 10. Lurie Garden. Frances Lincoln. September 2009

When I run photography workshops, the most beautiful music to my ears is when students say to me before they leave ‘do you know I’d never have thought of photographing in that way before.?’ Or ‘I see things quite differently now! ‘

It’s nothing to do with me – it’s just that I have slowed people down and made them look. In some instances I don’t even allow them to take a camera on the first trip! I suggest a black frame and a pen and paper.

Think back to when artists had no choice but to trek into the landscape with an easel and set up their painting in the wild and work for hours. It goes without saying that they would choose their position with a good deal of thought. After all, it’s a lot of trouble to go to and then decide the composition might have been better if they’d moved over to that rock a few paces on the right!

Landscape artists have to think this through carefully before committing paint to canvas. And not just artists but early Photographers like Roger Fenton who captured landscapes and war scenes in the Crimea in the mid 1800s. He had a horse drawn caravan of photographic gear and a dark room to lug around! There was no ‘snapping’ opportunity for him! Take a look also at Alfred Stieglitz, an early photographic perfectionist from New Jersey with a relatively modern Single Lens reflex camera. Look at the amount of trouble these guys went to to ‘get their shot’.

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Reminder For Picture This Deadline

Selectively pruned trees lining avenue and gravel driveway in early morning light. Hither Lane, Long Island, USA. Designed by Reed Hilderbrand Associates For those of you who haven’t gotten around to it, a reminder to get your entries in for this month’s contest. Our judge, Andrea Jones, has given us a great subject , Genius Loci. To read the original post and rules for entering, click on here.

The contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday, the 23rd at 11:59 pm.

Those who have already entered are offering up a feast for the eyes. Check their photos out at the gallery.

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