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Hardscape in garden photos

To get a good garden photo, look for hardscape to help define your composition and tell the story, a story about the structure of the garden, how it is put together, what elements, besides the plants, make it work.

In this lesson of the PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop, we continue the assignment theme “Think Like a Gardener” where I ask you to use your own knowledge of gardens and trust your insight to make photos in your own style, communicating in your own voice.  Hardscape is your theme. Continue Reading →

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Garden Photo Point of View

Want to take better garden photos ?  Before you snap the shutter, think of your point of view.

Meadow garden as seen from behind two trees – a point of view well composed between two trees that evokes a natural meadow as a clearing in a forest.

We are now deep into the PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshops, lesson 2.4 where I reveal the secret to good garden photography – think of your point of view.  This concept perfectly transcends the first 3 chapters, as we move from Good Garden Photography – to Seeing the Garden – to Thinking Like a Gardener.  You should be realizing every photo needs to tell a story – and have a point of view. Continue Reading →

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