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Composition 102 – Balance

filoli fall tapestry

The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop: 1.2

Our last lesson, the first of the series in my new e-book, and the most important lesson to remember in creating a good garden photo is to fill the frame of your composition with only those elements that contribute to your story.  A painter doesn’t waste canvas, a photographer shouldn’t waste space either.

OK, using the entire frame is a given.  Every other technique assumes this.  Look at any photo in my Gardening Gone Wild posts tagged “The Camera Always Lies” and consider full frames.   Now, how do we arrange the elements into a balanced composition? Continue Reading →

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Find the Photo – Leading Lines

Native plant gardens tend to be hard to photograph.  Often the gardeners care more about the plants and habitat than the aesthetics.  This is perfectly OK – unless you are trying to photograph them.

We need better photographs of native plant gardens to encourage those gardeners who DO care about aesthetics, who want to do the right thing by way of sustainability, and don’t realize how beautiful natives can be.  To encourage more native plant gardening I have set out to find more gardens, and the photos within. Continue Reading →

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