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Photo Lesson 2.5 – Leading Lines

path leading to homeWhen trying to find a photo in a garden, a key concept is to look for leading lines.  These are lines you, the photographer, find in a garden that can lead the viewer’s eye into the photo.  These lines can frame your composition and lead to focal points as well, but fundamentally they must start at the bottom, out of the frame, and lead up into the composition. Continue Reading →

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Find the Photo – Leading Lines

Native plant gardens tend to be hard to photograph.  Often the gardeners care more about the plants and habitat than the aesthetics.  This is perfectly OK – unless you are trying to photograph them.

We need better photographs of native plant gardens to encourage those gardeners who DO care about aesthetics, who want to do the right thing by way of sustainability, and don’t realize how beautiful natives can be.  To encourage more native plant gardening I have set out to find more gardens, and the photos within. Continue Reading →

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Wending and Wind

Most gardens of any size are designed with wending in mind.  Don’t you just love that Old English word “wending”  ?  So casual, carefree, and contemplative by inference.  Even formal entries can invite wending.

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Fun with Focal Points

Garden photographers just love focal points designed into gardens.  In great gardens though, they present dilemmas.  What is the best angle ?  Let’s take a stroll around one of the rooms in Gary Ratway’s own garden:

holt_780_0376 Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – November Wrap-Up

Path to barn June 1 06When we decided to start the Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop six weeks ago, we figured it would mostly be a fun excuse to ramble on here at GGW about some of our favorite topics. Little did we expect that so many of you would find it of interest and want to “play” too! The various posts and comments about garden paths have sparked several interesting discussions, and it appears that they’ve also inspired new projects for some of you. In case you missed any of the posts over the last month, or if you want to come back at some later date to refresh your memory in preparation for a pathway project, here’s a round-up of all the path-related posts we know about. If there are any we’ve missed, or if you write a post later and would like it added here, we welcome you to add a comment below! Continue Reading →

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