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GGW Plant Pick of the Month: Nicotiana


I gave up smoking years ago, but I’m not about to quit using tobacco. Flowering tobacco (Nicotiana spp.) that is, a family of plants—annuals for me, but many are hardy in Zone 7 or warmer– that have been enriching my garden for years. I’m not talking about those cute little garden-center hybrids. Breeders seeking richer colors and compact plants with more profuse flowers have realized their dreams, but paid dearly. Their success has come the expense of the fragrance, stature, and sheer exuberance that makes the parents of those hybrid offspring so alluring. The parents–the straight species Nicotianas–are still tops for wow-power. Just take a look at that drift of woodland tobacco (Nicotiana sylvestris) in Dennis Schrader’s Long Island, NY garden.Why they’re not more popular I just don’t know. Heck, they don’t even rate a decent common name. Continue Reading →

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