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Prairie Delights part 2

I am supposed to editing all the photos I took of gardens while I was in Minnesota working with Evelyn Hadden on her “Lose Your Lawn” book.   But I just can’t get those prairies off my mind.

Crow-Hassan Prairie Reserve

I do promise to bring this post back around to garden photography at the end.  This is a gardening blog after all.  Framing and composition are the theme today.  No matter what sort of landscape we photograph, our own garden or God’s, composition may be the most important element in deciding what we want to say, in what we want the viewer not to see. Continue Reading →

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Prairie Delights

Just back from Minnesota where I was shooting for a new book with fellow Lawn Reform Coalition member Evelyn Hadden, and spent my free time looking for prairies.  OMG!  OMG,  O-M-G . . .

Crow-Hassan Park, prairie reserve

The Crow-Hassan Park Reserve is part of Three Rivers Park District, a regional park for the Minneapolis area.  I did not expect to find beautiful wild prairie so close to the city, I was completely prepared to drive hours into the wild.  The reality of native prairie though, is that there are no big expanses of prairies left, so you are just as likely to find a small remnant near a city as you are next to a cornfield in the middle of nowhere. Continue Reading →

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Light Kisses

I am a light stalker with my camera.  Finding the best time and the best light to photograph a garden factors into every shoot.  These days I am challenging myself to bring sunlight into my photographs.

Mt Cuba Center pond morning light woodland garden Continue Reading →

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September Favorites

vernonia spp

Text and photos © Catherine Renzi

Many September gardens are waning, preparing for dormancy after festive summer partying with exciting colors and fragrances. But, September is also a time of new beginnings; Autumn begins in September, and a new academic year begins for students of all ages. For me, each year begins anew with my September birthday. Continue Reading →

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Green Roof Photos

When the new California Academy of Sciences re-opened last year in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, the green roof was a big story with its central design concept-”lifting up a piece of the park and put a building under it”.

Green roof Academy of Sciences

Green roof Academy of Sciences

I was eager to photograph it but could not get permission to walk out on the roof beyond the observation deck because I was not working on any real story.  I just wanted to get some cool photos of the 2.5 acre native plant meadow on a roof, having just completed my meadow book and loving California native plants.  Alas, there were so many requests for photo access to the roof, I was told quite politely to come back when I had a better excuse.

Now I am working on a project (about alternatives to lawn) and the publisher specifically asked for photos of Cal Academy’s roof.  Visions of bright sunny meadows and colorful wildflowers danced in my head. The day I scheduled was typical San Francisco mid-summer fog -  really foggy. Continue Reading →

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