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Winners for September’s Picture This Photo Contest

Christa had a tough job this month. There were so many outstanding entries. A BIG THANK YOU  goes to Christa for doing a stellar job. We look forward to having her return to Picture This!!  Fran Sorin

Without further ado,  this is what Christa has to say:

“The results are in–Judging this competition was hard, there were so many beautiful entries. Thank you everyone, for participating.” Christa

HONORABLE MENTIONS….chosen for each category

Vivid spots of color to squirrel away


Vivid, Vibrant color, his composition and use of texture makes it feel like the aster is in motion.

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Picture This Winners for June 2011

Our returning  judge, Josh McCullough, offered a challenging topic that stretched your comfort zone. And you met the challenge!! The entries were astounding.  A big thank you to Josh who always excites and titillates Picture This entrants; your passion and creativity shines through ….. Fran

“In this month’s contest I asked us to step out of the bounds of conventional thinking and use the camera in ways that are contrary to the goal of most photography, namely stopping motion. This required a great deal of creativity on your part and probably some extended fiddling with your cameras! I have to say that the resulting images were in a few cases simply astonishing.

The Cupcake Bandits

The first entry (which should merit a prize in itself) from The Cupcake Bandits was a surprise, like flames or a shooting star against the dark background. This is a great example of “slow synchro flash”, a useful group of techniques for showing and controlling motion in images. And “Momma Cupcake’s” story about accidentally discovering this feature is hilarious! Thanks Christine!

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Picture This Photo Contest Winners for September 2010

New Mexico Miscellaneous Images The winners for September’s Picture This Photo Contest are in. This is what Charles Mann, the judge for this month, had to say.

“I want to thank the people who took the time to submit a photo for the Autumn Harvest’s Picture This Photo Contest. This was perhaps too broad of a category and I offered a lot of very general information.

As a writer and photographer, I agree with many pundits who have observed that the more narrow and specific the focus, the easier it becomes  to locate the creative imagination. To paraphrase Robert Pirsig in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” creative writing about the courthouse is more difficult than writing about the second brick from the bottom on the northeast corner of the courthouse. That said, the  fun photos submitted this month reflect the many different interpretations suggested  by the Autumn Harvest theme.

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