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Digging Deep: Planning (Stage Three)

Planning, laying down the bones, is the problem-solving element of creating. Here is where you will begin to give shape to your imaginings, your style, and your physical reality in order to lay out the blueprint of what you hope to create. You will take a good look at what it is that you envision and the space you have to work with so that you can create a plan that bridges your dreams and reality, transforming your creative vision into something real and tangible.

What does planning have to do with creativity? Think about it this way: When you are faced with any kind of dilemma or challenge, the thing that is most required is what is known as creative thinking. Remember when your teachers told you to “put on your thinking cap” ? What they were really telling you was to be creative — to think innovatively and figure out the best course of action or response. This is what you are doing as you work out a plan: thinking creatively in order to make something where there was nothing before. Continue Reading →

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