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July 2009 Happenings and Tidbits

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After spending a week on the Hudson River a few weeks ago with steady rain every day and temperatures in the high 50s-low 60s, it would be easy to think that the lack of water is a non-issue. As most of you know, this weather was extremely unusual for the East Coast. When I returned to Israel with temperatures in the mid-90s and no rainfall whatsoever for the past 2 months, with brown grass, dead flowerheads and wilted leaves, it was a stark reminder of how critical it is for all of us to diligently practice water conservation, in both our gardens and homes. A great resource to learn about smart irrigation is: www.irrigation.org.

If you want your garden to be filled with a plethora of texture, shapes and color during the summer, the only way to go is with drought tolerant perennials, succulents, annuals and ornamental grasses. Because I’m now residing in Israel for much of this year, I’ve been browsing through books on Mediterranean gardens. One of my favorites, New Gardens In Provence by Louisa Jones, is not only filled with magnificent photos of Provencal gardens but it serves as an inspiration and reminder of how rain free gardens can be drop dead gorgeous when selecting the right plant for the right location.

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