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Covering with Combinations

1 Bonnie-and-BingCovering ground has long been a gardening obsession of mine. By that, I mean covering ground with something other than lawn. Every year, we have less grass than the year before, although the lawn I maintain for my dogs is safe. They couldn’t survive without essential sections for throwing Frisbees and tennis balls.

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Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day – April 2009


Yikes, it’s time for Bloom Day already, and I’ve hardly begun tidying up for spring. There are plenty of areas that probably would look stunning, if only I’d had the time to spruce them up a bit. Unlike the shoemaker’s children with their dearth of footwear, the gardener’s own garden has plenty of plants, but they’re nowhere near as neatly cared for as those she gets paid to look after. So here’s the big picture of the current reality at Hayefield House: Continue Reading →

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