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Peonies In The Hidden City Garden

In this post, our colleague, Dutch landscape designer, Harry Pierik, shares artistic photos and talks about peonies from his personal garden, The Hidden City Garden.

While the vanes of the dove tree, Davidia involucrata, are swaying on the branches in my Hidden City Garden, the first botanical peonies are starting to flourish.

Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata

Peonies are perennials of the ranunculus family, with tuberous, fleshy roots and beautiful foliage but it is their flowers that especially speak to the imagination!

For good flowering, the eyes of the rhizomes should not be planted deeper than a few centimeters, in nutritious, humus-rich, well-drained soil in a light spot.

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Snowdrops in The Hidden City Garden

Here is Part 2 of Snowdrops In The Hidden City Garden from Dutch garden designer Harry Pierik.

To read Part 1, click here.

“In the previous post I showed how I prepared the borders of the snowdrops.

Now we’re going to look at how the snowdrops grow in the Hidden City Garden.

Also I’ll show three different yellow cultivars.

In total there are more than one hundred different snowdrops in the Hidden City Garden.

Snowdrops in Hidden City Garden

Snowdrop border in Hidden City Garden

Snowdrop border with in the foreground around the birdbath. Epimedium x peralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’. Three different buxus shrubs form the backbone in this border which appears from the evergreen background, as a peninsula in the grass. In the background the large evergreen leaves of Viburnum x rhytidophylloides Willowwood ‘among others’,  Skimmia japonica, Sasa palmata, Aucuba japonica ‘ Rozannie ‘, and Fatsia japonica.

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Snowdrops Are Coming

We are always thrilled when Harry Pierik, one of our favorite Dutch garden designers, writes a guest post. His ‘Hidden City Garden’ is mesmerizing. To learn more about Harry, visit his websiteFran Sorin

Snowdrops are coming.

Until now, it is a mild winter in our “Hidden City garden”

Still some kinds of plants are blooming , winter bloomers in abundance and the season of the snowdrops is dawning.

It’s time to prepare.

0.jpg -revised- 640x425 - harry pierik

Photo above ~ Small deepened path to the second part of the “Hidden City Garden” to the lawn and the flower borders. In the background to the left of the centre you can see the brown branches of the bushes which are in the border, however the snowdrops on the ground are not yet visible from here.

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Little Front garden of Villa Landwijk

Written by Harry Pierik

It’s always a treat to receive Harry’seasonal  post and photos. They are a feast for the eyes. For more information on Harry, check out his website. Fran Sorin

In this post, I want to introduce another garden I designed.


Flower field right on busy shopping street.

Barely a hundred meters from my hidden city garden, in the direction of the city centre, you can find the colourful front garden (of approximately 40 square metres) of Villa Landwijk, which I designed in 2008.

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2 Outstanding FloweringTrees at Hidden City Garden

Written by Harry Pierik

I’m always delighted to receive a post from Harry on the seasonal changes in his HIdden City Garden. In this article, he ‘wows’ us with  2 magnificent spring flowering trees …Davidia involucrata and Cornus nutallii.

To read Harry’s last post about his garden in early spring, click on here. Check out  Harry’s website to learn more about his garden, design work, and recently published book.  Fran Sorin

“In this article I would like to show you two prominent spring bloomers that grace my hidden city garden. They both stand out because of their bright white bracts, with which they lure insects to their much more inconspicuous flowers.


Cornus nuttallii’s white flowers are beautifully highlighted against the surrounding shrubs and trees.

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