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Photographing Grasses

Toe Toe Grass in the garden of Linda Cochran

Toe Toe Grass in the garden of Linda Cochran

More than any other group of plants, I love to photograph grasses.  They bring light, motion, and texture to gardens.  They range widely in size and color, and mix well into all garden styles, from beds and borders to meadows and in containers.  Because they are so versatile in blending into gardens they can be hard to photograph.

I began to understand how to capture their ornamental effects years ago while working on my Grasses book with Nancy Ondra.  Of all the pictures in the book, the one above in Linda Cochran’s garden, of the tall arching Toe Toe Grass (Cortaderia richardii) was to define how I saw grasses and how I photographed them. Continue Reading →

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Back-Light and Grasses

I have been in love with grasses for a long time.  I can pinpoint the day, more than 25 years ago, with a botanist at Ring Mountain Nature Conservancy Preserve, where I wondered why these grasses she was so keen on having me document where not garden plants.  I have learned a lot, a whole lot since then.

Pennisetum backlit in Ring Mt. garden

Pennisetum backlit in Ring Mountain garden

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