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Composition 101- Fill the Frame

Well, here we go.  Join me here as the book unfolds.  The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop is being written one post at a time – starting here.

Long time readers of Gardening Gone Wild will know I have been writing about garden photography for almost 5 years.  Now its time for a book, an e-book that will re-organize and greatly expand on what you can find here.  All my posts have been tagged The Camera Always Lies and I will be pulling from some of my favorites for inspiration.

Begin at the beginning; section one of the book:  Good Garden Photography.

I have a workshop lecture entitled “Good” Garden Photography.  ”Good” being high-lighted because a good photo to a journalist is not just about aesthetics.  My job as a garden photographer is not simply pretty pictures, it is about illustrating, informing, and inspiring.  I am a gardener myself, I want gardeners to have success.  That is how I see my job and you can re-read my Photographer’s Rant (October 2007) and the ‘camera always lies’ dilemma of portraying real gardens in the media.

But the workshop lecture begins with “purdy” pictures and that is how this adventure begins.  Lesson 1.1: Composition – Fill the Frame. Continue Reading →

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