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Andrea Jones On The Road – Altamont Gardens In Ireland

We’re delighted that Andrea Jones, who was the judge for February’s Picture This contest and considered one of the top landscape photographers in the UK, has returned to GGW with ‘off piste’ photos (those not used) of Altamont Gardens that she took while on location. Although British by birth, Andrea resides in Scotland. She is constantly on the move, photographing both public and private spaces. Like our own GGW Contributor Noel Kingsbury, she is a prolific artist….and humble. When I opened my April issue of Gardens Illustrated this morning, 2 of the articles were photographed by Andrea. Keep your eyes open for more of her weblogs in the coming months…. Fran Sorin

I promised a preview of my pictures of Altamont Gardens, known as the most romantic garden in Ireland.

Male Peacock displays in front of Altamont House
I arrived in the early hours thinking the Irish mist would lift but instead this dense fog hung over the gardens until about 2pm. I was alone for most of the time (and freezing) but it was the most magical experience.

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Reminder For Picture This Deadline

Selectively pruned trees lining avenue and gravel driveway in early morning light. Hither Lane, Long Island, USA. Designed by Reed Hilderbrand Associates For those of you who haven’t gotten around to it, a reminder to get your entries in for this month’s contest. Our judge, Andrea Jones, has given us a great subject , Genius Loci. To read the original post and rules for entering, click on here.

The contest ends tomorrow, Wednesday, the 23rd at 11:59 pm.

Those who have already entered are offering up a feast for the eyes. Check their photos out at the gallery.

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GGW Picture This Contest News

Good news, Picture This fans: you now have extra time to get ready for our next theme: Macro in a Mason Jar, judged by photographer and fellow blogger David Perry. Instead of running the contest in November, we’re going to hold it in January. So, if you haven’t had time to experiment with the technique yet, you have the next two months to try it out. The technique is perfect for this time of year, because you don’t need perfect weather or lots of fresh flowers or foliage: a single, richly colored fall leaf or one perfect late bloom can work just fine. Seeds, fruits, bits of bark, and other natural materials are also fair game. For more details, check out my experiment post or David’s original posts here and here.

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Picture This Contest Winners for October 2010

Early August Annuals

Ready for the results? Here’s what this month’s judge, Craig Cramer of Ellis Hollow, had to say…

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Picture This Photo Contest for October 2010


This month, we’re going to challenge you with something a bit different: capturing an image without using a camera. I first learned about this technique from a fellow blogger, Craig Cramer of Ellis Hollow, and we’re thrilled that he has agreed to be our judge.

Here’s what Craig has to say: “This month’s theme is Fall on a Flatbed Scanner. If you can scan a photograph, you can do this. It’s easy. It’s fun. It can help you see your garden in new ways. And it doesn’t take any special equipment or exceptional technical skill – just a typical office flatbed scanner, a basket full of subject matter gathered from your garden and a little time to arrange your material and make the scan.

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