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Alliums to the Rescue

Allium 043-1

Alliums ride in to rescue my garden every year about this time. The spring rush is over, the tulips, daffs and their ilk are gone by, as are many of the flowering trees and shrubs . The summer show has yet to get underway. There’s a kind of lull…except for the alliums, which from late May into early June raise their flowery orbs high, as if to celebrate their moment in the sun, that singular season when the lowly garlic clan rises to rule the garden. A carefully chosen selection of alliums might brighten the garden for most of the season–I’ve got one–Allium thunbergii  ’Ozawa’–in bloom nearly as late as Thanksgiving, but late spring is when three of my favorites are most welcome. Continue Reading →

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GBDW – Gardening with Kids Wrapup

Whether you’ve been gardening for most of your years or have come to it somewhat later in life, you likely have some memory of a garden-related experience from childhood. It may be of grueling summer afternoons spent weeding or mowing, or it may be more pleasant recollections of playing by a garden pond, feasting on juicy-ripe berries, or experiencing the magic of watching seeds sprout. Either way, it seems that spending even a little time in a garden as a child has a way of changing a person  – generally for the better. Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Kids in the Garden


Here’s one way to get kids having fun in the garden: find a slope, set up a water slide, and let them wear themselves out on a hot summer afternoon. (This setup sure was a hit at a party held at Linden Hill Gardens in Ottsville, PA, this past July.) Mostly, though, when we think about children and gardening, we’re looking for ways to get youngsters interacting with plants, insects, and other aspects of the great outdoors – to engage their brains as well as exercise their bodies. Continue Reading →

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