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GBDW – Coping with Slopes Wrap-Up

Boulder at Rockydale

We’ve gotten some fantastic contributions for this month’s Design Workshop – solid how-to advice as well as a wealth of design ideas. So without further ado, on to the links… Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Coping with Slopes

Gardening on a level lot is challenging enough, but when you have a sloping site, you have a whole other set of design and maintenance factors to consider. The soil is often dry and rocky, making planting a hassle, and rainfall tends to run off before it can soak in, carrying away precious topsoil and mulch — and sometimes even the plants, too — and leaving you a muddy mess to clean up at the bottom. On a steep slope, simply trying to get around for planting and maintenance can be downright dangerous. Continue Reading →

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