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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Time in a Garden

Front path April 19 08 and early Aug 05

Of all the many skills we gardeners have to learn, one of the most challenging – as well as the most valuable – is the ability to see into the future. We need to be able to predict how fast a plant will grow, so we can figure out how much space to give it at planting time. We need to be able to envision what shape it will ultimately have (or can be coaxed into), so we can figure out if it will be suitable for a particular site. And we need to be able to guess when it will be at its peak, so we can select partners to complement its beauty. Being able to predict the future isn’t a skill we can pick up in just a few hours, or even a few seasons. It’s a learning process that lasts as long as our gardens do. Continue Reading →

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