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Making a Photo

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It is not just unfair to most of my fellow garden bloggers that I get to work in my garden on January 17, the real agony is that I write about it.  I hear of frigid temps out there beyond California. The shrub border that runs along my driveway ends by my office with 6 [...]

Garden Design in the Round

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Going round in circles can be a good thing if we're talking about garden designs. In an earlier post I spoke about my passion for using geometry in design and how strong shapes lend their character to a setting and form a structural element so sturdy that it frees you to use almost any type of planting. The [...]

Growth and Inspiration

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In working on a follow-up post to A Garden You Can Bank On, I've been reviewing photos of the gardens from the past several seasons looking for successful plant groupings. There has been a particular evolution in the gardens between 2006 and 2008, and in me as a designer. Garden design is a process of [...]