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Rhymes With Orange

Orange leaves 050-1

Mid July 09 140Last month I started my seasonal orange bender. It being the color of all kinds of wonderful things, from mangoes to sunsets to campfire embers. I can’t get enough of it–in the garden or elsewhere.  So I shared some of my favorite flowers and promised a return to the topic with a post on good leaves for orange themes. Here goes: Continue Reading →

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Got Rocks?


I’ve got one of those gardens where digging a five-gallon hole means removing ten gallons of rocks. I can’t sink a spade without hearing the clang of steel against stone.  Gardening for me is sometimes more like mining. But I’ve come to an accommodation with stone. I had to. If I couldn’t find a way to make all those rocks “work” in the garden, I’d still be hauling them away. I guess it’s no secret, but rocks can add a lot of character to a garden, and if you’ve got them free for the using, why not make the most of them.  Continue Reading →

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Punctuating The Garden

my stairs

Hah! I bet you thought I’d be posting about exclamation points! Exciting stuff! Focal points! But no, today I shall focus on the lowly, misunderstood, but oh-so invaluable comma. Let’s think for a moment about its role. According to Wikipedia, “the comma is used in many contexts and languages, principally for separating things.” So what exactly does that mean in terms of garden design? Continue Reading →

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What should I expect when hiring a garden designer?

Today I’m going to detail my design process in hopes of giving those readers who may be interested in hiring a professional garden designer some insight into the process. This information may be helpful to other designers as well. Keep in mind, this is just how my business operates. I have refined this business model over several years to accommodate my small operation. Your experience will likely vary.

Residential - before

Residential - before

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Making a Photo

It is not just unfair to most of my fellow garden bloggers that I get to work in my garden on January 17, the real agony is that I write about it.  I hear of frigid temps out there beyond California.

The shrub border that runs along my driveway ends by my office with 6 wonderful California native Manzanita shrubs (Arctostaphyllos densiflora).  I want to keep them under 6 feet so plenty of light gets into my meadow garden beyond, and this was the first year I pruned them. Continue Reading →

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