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Behind the Scenes with my Succulents 2014 Calendar


While compiling photos for my Succulents 2014 calendar, I looked back through hundreds of photos I’d taken in 2013. I evaluated them in terms of composition and how they might illustrate a specific month. For January, I think of aloes in bloom. But these photos say more to me than that. When I look at it the photo at lower left, I remember the garden I visited and how lovely it looked that day. It’s in San Diego near the airport, and the designer is Randy Laurie. Continue Reading →

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How to Create a Garden Calendar

For the past few years I’ve created a garden wall calendar; this year, I did two. Giving someone a calendar is a step up from sending them a greeting card. A calendar is a gift, but not one that people feel they need to reciprocate, so there’s no awkwardness if they don’t give you something, too. Having your own calendars to give away comes in handy if a friend drops by, you need a hostess gift, or you want to do a little something extra for a colleague or client.

Several online companies make it possible for you to create a calendar of photos that you upload to their site. CafePress, Lulu, and Zazzle are perhaps the best known. If you’re a Mac user, iPhoto will walk you through the steps, too. None are a bargain; the price you’ll pay for each calendar is around $20, not including shipping. However, if you watch for sales and/or buy in quantity, the price can be lowered by as much as 50%. You also can offer the calendar for sale on the company’s site, but they’ll keep 90% of the sales price as royalties.

The ideal calendar photo is crisp and dynamic even from a distance. You want the subject easily identifiable, not an extreme closeup or crop that will have people scratching their heads. Make sure your original photo is at least 2MB and not excessively Photoshopped; otherwise, you risk having your digital file reproduce poorly when a different system interprets it. Continue Reading →

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