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Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop – Time in a Garden

Front path April 19 08 and early Aug 05

Of all the many skills we gardeners have to learn, one of the most challenging – as well as the most valuable – is the ability to see into the future. We need to be able to predict how fast a plant will grow, so we can figure out how much space to give it at planting time. We need to be able to envision what shape it will ultimately have (or can be coaxed into), so we can figure out if it will be suitable for a particular site. And we need to be able to guess when it will be at its peak, so we can select partners to complement its beauty. Being able to predict the future isn’t a skill we can pick up in just a few hours, or even a few seasons. It’s a learning process that lasts as long as our gardens do. Continue Reading →

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Ready, Aim, Shoot!

Diagonal path with bench Aug 31 07 (2)

When you’re busy digging, weeding, and watering your summer garden, it’s easy to forget to take time to enjoy the fruits – and flowers – of your labors. So, the next time you’re out there, be sure to stop for a few minutes to sit and appreciate the beauty.

Ok, that was nice. Now, grab your camera and start taking pictures! It doesn’t have to be a magazine-worthy combination or a stunning close-up: you never know what might come in handy for a future blog post. To help you focus your photographic efforts, we’re giving you a rundown of the Garden Bloggers’ Design Workshop and Picture This Photo Contest themes that we’re considering for the upcoming year. Print out the lists, build up your photo archives now, and you’ll have plenty of images to pull from if you want to take part in either or both of our regular features during the off season. Continue Reading →

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GBDW Front Yards Revisited Wrap-Up

Front garden August 12 08

I was a little hesitant to repeat a GBDW topic, thinking that you all might be bored with the subject of front-yard gardens. Well, how glad I am that I was wrong! Our contributors this month have outdone themselves in generously sharing ideas and inspiration with other folks looking to turn their own barren yards into welcoming spaces filled with flowers and foliage - and wildlife as well. Wow, those before-and-now shots are amazing! Continue Reading →

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GBDW – Made for the Shade Wrap-Up


So, who’s complaining about shade, anyway? Certainly not this month’s GBDW contributors! Check out their postings on favorite plants, combination ideas, and design pointers, and you just might find yourself wishing for more shade in your own garden. Continue Reading →

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Garden Bloggers Design Workshop – Made for the Shade


For gardeners, shade is kind of like rain: if we don’t have it, we wish for it; if we do have it, we often long for less. And with both, there are no simple solutions. In my own garden, set in a wide-open, sun-baked field, shade is scarce, and it’ll be many years yet before any of my tiny trees will be big enough to create any. What passes for my shade border is on the northeast side of the house, but it still gets sun from dawn until 1:00 or so, which is way more sun than even the sunniest spot in my last garden. Still, it’s been interesting to experiment with traditonal shade-lovers and find out how much sun they tolerate without extra watering.

What about the rest of you? Want to share your strategies for dealing with too much or too little shade? Continue Reading →

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