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Written by Harry Pierik

In his first article for GGW, A Hidden Paradise In the City, Harry introduced us to his magnificent Dutch garden. In this article, he shares some of the 200 different kinds of snowdrops that he has collected. It’s a pictoral delight! Harry has produced a short film ‘Garden of Eden Snowdrops in the Hidden Citygarden’ in which he shows various snowdrops and elaborates on their differences which you can view on his website.   Fran Sorin 


On gloomy winter days, the Hidden Citygarden is a veritable symphony of grayish brown, ochre and countless shades of wintergreen. In the center, the topiary shows up against the green of Hedera helix. On the left, the wintergreen leaf of Magnolia grandiflora with a thin layer of suede on the underside called ‘indumentum’. Like a fur of bamboo leaves, with just a slight touch of patina caused by the frost, Peioblastus hindsii nestles herself in the trimmed holly.
In the front and center of the picture is the leaf of Epimedium x peralchicum ‘Frohnleiten’. On the right: Snowdrops will soon be appearing under the old apple tree.

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