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Decidedly Not Wild

pot mum at 2011 california spring trialsFor someone who loves flowers as much as I do, going to the California Spring Trials can be a surreal experience.  It is a trip into the high tech world of germplasm, growth hormones, growth inhibitors, and secret breeding techniques for incredible flowers – that are decidedly not wild.

One of the reasons I blog here at Gardening Gone Wild is to promote  wild, natural, uninhibited gardening, much like my own garden, now at the height of the weed season.  Wild is OK.  We don’t expect perfection. Continue Reading →

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Cover Photo

When the current issue of The American Gardener from the American Horticultural Society arrived I immediately read about my friend Neil Diboll of Prairie Nursery fame and saw the You Tube interview.  And then a nice story by Duncan Brine about naturalistic gardening.  With apologies to fellow GG Wild blogger Debra Lee Baldwin, I did not pay much attention to the succulent feature on Stonecrops.

The American Gardener cover

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Yellow and Daffodils

What we see and what we capture with the camera are often different; too often if you are not careful to photograph with intent.  What my mind’s eye sees when I enter my garden this time of year are yellow daffodils.

Yellow Daffodil 'February Gold' Narcissus in spring garden

But actually there are only a very few. Continue Reading →

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November Bouquet

Every year I garden in Northern California I am dumbstruck in November.  I do not have the words to describe what season this is.

California November Bouquet

California November Bouquet

I put together a hasty bouquet yesterday while tidying up my home office for a client meeting in hopes that some flowers might distract from the piles of books, files, and clutter all over every surface. Continue Reading →

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The Waiting Game

Sept 14.09 002-1Sing it Carly! “Anticipation, anticipation/Is making me late/Is keeping me waiting.” Maybe Carly Simon was a horticulturist, because it strikes me lately that no one knows more about anticipation than a gardener. If you told me there’s any pursuit that is more about delayed gratification, about waiting for green dreams to be realized, about being just plain old patient, than gardening, well, I just wouldn’t believe it.
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