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Photos in the Garden


Wisteria on my entry gate April 2, 2013

Want a tip on how to take good garden pictures ?  Pick up your camera and go out into a garden.  You can’t get good pictures if you don’t take any pictures.  Put yourself in a position to make something happen.

April 2 was a day to take photos in my own garden.  It was overcast and still – a gift for a garden photographer.  A day to ignore computer deadlines and take pictures.  There have been too many times I regretted missing this sort of opportunity, and spring was calling. Continue Reading →

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Frosty Yuletide

This will be my shortest Gardening Gone Wild post yet.  Not because I have nothing to say, nor because my words are so poetically haiku.  Not because it is the holiday and few are reading gardening blogs, nor because I am trying to stay away from religious sentiment.

I am on a cruise ship in the Caribbean trying to upload from a satellite. Continue Reading →

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Fill the Frame – Tripods

“Why, when stabilization is built into many cameras and lenses, is a tripod so important ?” asked a student at a recent workshop.

I always ask my students to bring tripods to our photography workshops and stabilization is not the main reason.  It is true that a good tripod will provide a rock solid, steady platform for a tack sharp image, but it is even more important as a composition tool. Continue Reading →

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Find the photo – Magnolia glow

I was recently commissioned to photograph a very special magnolia in a very special, private garden.  The resulting photo was to be a surprise gift, but with a limited budget, I only had access to the garden during a single afternoon when the owner was away.

It is the job of the professional to make something happen, even in difficult circumstances; and in garden photography any time you go into a new garden for one visit, it will difficult.  When I travel to photograph gardens I will try to allow three days for a shoot –  to get acquainted with the garden, to allow for bad weather, and learn how to use the morning and afternoon light.

Here,  not only did I have to get in and out of a garden I had never seen with-in four hours, it was a bright day and I could not stay until the soft light of dusk.  And when I arrived I found the Magnolia was backed up and pruned to fit around a garage. Continue Reading →

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Photographer’s Challenge

pueblo pot mum

Find the Photo - Photographer's Challenge

When I attended the California Spring Trials this past April I ran into fellow photographers Ramon van der Reijden and Ted Langeveld of the Visions Pictures photo agency in Netherlands.  In my previous post about the Trials I mentioned the phototographer’s challenge – each of us would photograph the same flower and see what we come up with.  A flower photographer shoot out. Continue Reading →

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