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When all is dead and brown…..

When all is dead and brown and wintry one way to bring color into the garden is with brightly-colored durable materials. The easiest and most creative way is probably painting wood, you get great control over the color, but it discolors quickly and round here just gets covered in algae. Glass is incredibly durable, so long as you don’t whack it with something heavy. I got this blue glass bauble from a factory outlet in Bavaria – I was driving towards Munich from Passau and I saw hundreds of these things lined up on the fence. “If this were England all the local yobboes would be out smashing them” I thought to myself, but they tend to be better behaved in Bavaria. I pulled in and bought one and ever since have cursed myself for not buying more. The blue stand out against dead herbaceous and the dead foliage of the hornbeam hedge really well.

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