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I Have Faith

Leonardo da Vinci, The Virgin of the Rocks - Angel detail

Angel detail from The Virgin of the Rocks – Leonardo da Vinci

To be a gardener, you must have faith.  You must believe you can coax life to bend to your will.  You are a god.

This is a spiritual time of year, and a time to renew faith in God.  Whether a personal god, the pagan gods, or a god of doctrine and formal beliefs, true belief is a comfort.  A comfort that there are bigger things than us, that we exist in a larger spirit.  Life will always go on.  Perhaps without humans one day, but life is good, it will go on. Continue Reading →

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How To Have Faith That Spring’s Coming While Trudging In A Foot Of Snow: 7 Tips

I feel like I’ve been living on Noah’s Ark for the past few weeks. Non stop thrashing pellets of rain. And sand storms.


This has been one of the rainiest records on history for Israel. For a country that gets only 8” of rain a year, this is good news. Up to a certain point.

Because last year was so warm, I decided to get some sunflower and amaranth seeds sown early. A few dozen amaranths bloomed until a cold snap hit. The sunflowers germinated and in spite of the weather continued to add some girth and height.

I felt like I was seeing a sunflower for the first time when one bloomed. A glorious work of art that would make Michelangelo proud.  Bold, welcoming, and optimistic.


For a few days it got a lot of attention. From the birds, visitors, and me. I hovered over it like a mother cub protecting her newborn.

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