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Lawn Love Letters

Cover photo location, garden of Susan Harris

With the release of Evelyn Hadden’s new book from Timber Press, “beautiful no-mow yards”, a bunch of bloggers and fellow Lawn Reform Coalition folks decided (with Evelyn’s gentle encouragement) to talk about our love/hate relationships with lawns.  Valentine love letters.

Since yours truly has 60 photos in the book I have a few things to say, or rather show you, what I love about no-mow yards.  The book is not simply about lawn substitutes but all the ways we can re-think our yards and the space too many folks leave for lawn.  How about patios ?  Veggie gardens ?  Ponds ?

And how about meadows ?  Oh boy, can I write love letters to meadow lawns !  I can’t exactly say I wrote the book on meadow gardens, but with nurseryman/designer John Greenlee along as the writer, we co-authored “The American Meadow Garden” in 2009. autographed 

Rather than a negative diatribe of why lawns can be so inappropriate and useless in so many yards, I think I will simply show a bunch of photos, each a love letter itself . Continue Reading →

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