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Succulents That Like Stress

If there’s a good thing about our too-hot Southern California summers, it’s that heat makes certain succulents turn color. A case in point is Aloe nobilis, which in my garden grows in nutrient-poor decomposed granite with minimal water. Continue Reading →

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Glorious Corals

I know what you’re thinking: I’m showing you a tree in all of its autumn splendor. Actually, this is what a flamingo Chinese cedar (Toona sinensis ‘Flamingo’) looks like now, with its fresh spring leaves.

When I saw it (at the University of CA, Davis, Arboretum last week) it made me realize that coral is my probably my favorite color for leaves or flowers. It’s gorgeous combined with shades of green, especially those with a hint of blue. Or in the case of the flamingo tree, with blue sky behind it. Continue Reading →

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